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Gestion Trinergia

Art direction, User interface design
Project in collaboration with Zone W3 Media.

Art direction and interface design for Gestion Trinergia, a consulting firm in financial planning and security.

Project team

Project management : Marie-Josée Lavigne
Web director : Stéphane Bergeron

My role

I was approached by Zone W3 to redesign Trinergia digital experience. The goal was to create a timeless and minimalist interface, while keeping the initial brand image of the company and its colors.


The artistic direction of the website is balanced between the gray interface, complemented by clean black and white photographs, as well as the use of Trinergia orange as a complementary visual accent. A serif typography, with square serifs, gives a little personality to the interface, as well as typographical details that enhance the visual and functionalities, both on mobile and desktop.

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